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Do you have the RIGHT qualifications when the perfect job comes along?


Most FSRA Tier 2 (RG146 compliant) training courses are offered to employees currently employed in the Finance & Insurance industry as part of the accreditation requirement.

That’s great if you are already working in F&I but what if you are exploring a new career move and prospective employers require that you have Tier 2 accreditation before offering you the job? How do you gain an edge over other candidates competing for the same position?

Fusion Business College’s FSRA Tier 2 training is the fastest, easiest way to receive the accreditation that you need to launch a new career in F&I, upgrade your current skills for a promotion, or accept the job offer!

Compiled by F&I professionals with real experience. you can be assured that the knowledge gain is not just “academic” but also practical, and will help you succeed as an F&I professional.

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