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FSRA Tier 2 traininig courses

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Most FSRA Tier 2 (RG146 compliant) training courses are offered to employees currently employed in the Finance & Insurance industry as part of the accreditation requirement.

That’s great if you are already working in F&I but what if you are exploring a new career move and prospective employers require that you have Tier 2 accreditation before offering you the job? How do you gain an edge over other candidates competing for the same position?

Fusion Business College’s FSRA Tier 2 training is the fastest, easiest way to receive the accreditation that you need to launch a new career in F&I, upgrade your current skills for a promotion, or accept the job offer!

Compiled by real F&I salespeople with real experience. you can be assured that the knowledge gain is not just “academic” but also practical, and will help you succeed as an F&I professional.

The course is delivered completely online so you can take it at your own time to learn and complete, whenever, wherever.

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What’s FSRA Tier 2 Training (RG146 compliant)?

The Financial Services Reform Act (FSRA) was introduced in 2002. The Act requires that all businesses and individuals providing “Financial Services” be licensed in order to practice their trade. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) are the regulators and control the licensing for the Act. Find out more about ASIC or the course module, visit ASIC or COURSE MODULE.

FSRA Tier 2 Accreditation Training

The course covers the core units required by ASIC as part of the compliance requirement and must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The course is also designed to meet the specific needs of those working in the Financial Services industry by providing in-depth knowledge to ensure competency. Participants who successfully completed the course will receive national accreditation and certification. What this means is that you will be recognized as having the competence and qualification to take on jobs in the Financial Services industry.

We have divided the four competencies of the FSRA Tier 2 Training into 2 modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Services

This module includes all the basic concepts of Finance, including how to do basic financial calculations and how to set up a Sales Plan. Module 1: Introduction to Financial ServicesCONCEPTS OF FINANCE
A glossary of over 50 terms with explanations of their purpose and context in the Financial Services industry. FINANCE
Banking, Finance and Insurance products explained. Includes features and benefits of each product with general GST and tax implications. BASIC FINANCE CALCULATIONS
Learn to manually calculate simple interest, compound interest, average weighted rate, factors etc. THE SALES PLAN
This is a 5-step sales plan for selling Finance and Insurance to all types of customers. The foundation of a successful career in selling F&I Products and Services, this also includes simple word tracks, how to overcome objections, what is “add-on” selling and completing the settlement process.

Module 2: Providing Personal & General Advice

This module provides comprehensive information about the following competencies: Module 2: Providing Personal & General AdviceBEING A FINANCE & INSURANCE (F&I) PROFESSIONAL
This covers an extensive product knowledge including Professional Selling skills, Customer Relationship building, Handling Customers face to face, over the phone and internet ASIC
Who are they? What do they do and their requirements in this course? Learn how ASIC contribute to Australia’s economic reputation and well being by ensuring that Australia’s financial markets are fair and transparent, supported by confident and informed investors and consumers. TRUST ME
What is Advice? And what is the difference between personal and general advice? ACTIVE LISTENING
Learn to listen to your customers and build long lasting professional relationships. HOW TO KEEP RECORDS
Set up, maintenance and storage of your customers records. Includes future prospecting, legal requirements and logs. THE LAWS RELATING TO ME
Know how the Corporations Act, Financial Services Reform Act, Trade Practices Act, National Consumer Credit Protection Act, Privacy Act, etc. relate to you. CONFLICT AND COMPLAINTS
Handling, preventing and escalating customer complaints. COMPETITION AND MARKETING
What the law prevents in marketing and fair competition.

Completely Delivered Online!

FSRA Tier 2 Accreditation Training

Our unique online system allows students to access course materials and topics as often as necessary before they attempt the online assessment. Once they have successfully completed the online assessment, they can proceed to the next module. This ensures that you completely understand the concepts and requirements of Module 1 before proceeding to Module 2.

The benefit of completing the course online is that you can do it at your own pace and from wherever you are. You don’t need to attend class or conform to a course schedule. There is also no limitation on how often you access the course materials so there’s no pressure to beat the clock. And when you are ready, you can take the online assessment to receive your accreditation.

What our customers say!

“I have taken FSRA Tier 2 course and this is an interesting and unique course put together by Fusion Business College. I have found them to be stimulating, refreshing, informative and reflective. I enjoyed the course particularly because it was expertly coached online at each stage of the process. Overall, this is an excellent course and good value for money.”

Accreditation has never been this easy before!

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(You will be directed to Fusion Business College’s payment portal – Remember to use the coupon code: FSRAT22013 to get your $61 discount) 

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